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'Untitled' by Harry BLoor


'The Cidergate Conversation' by Quiana Smith


Going into this, I had a lot of questions to ask. Mainly the why’s, the what’s, the how’s and many more you will hear soon. I had asked some of co-workers to also partake (the voices were changed for privacy) in this because like me, they also have a love of hiking and exploring the fields having a conversation at the pub after hours.

'Safe Spaces' by Elsa Vass-de-Zomba


I made this work about Ryebank Fields, a beautiful rewilded green space near me under threat of development. Even though the Fields is an area constantly enjoyed by the local community, just walking your dog there counts as trespass. I was thinking about the piano that used to be there, and how it deteriorated through weather and vandalism. I was also thinking about how hard it is to stay motivated and connected to a cause.

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