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Once upon a time, mushrooms ruled the earth...

But now, Jenny's mother is missing. Commuting is hell. And Big Business is squeezing all it can from the soil beneath our feet.

Then one day, a chance discovery starts to bring together the missing connections in Jenny's life...

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)

Written by Natasha Kaeda
Directed by Fay Lomas
Sound Design and Composition  - Alice Boyd
Jenny - Julia Kass
Mother - Jilly Bond
Young Jenny - Ivo Stimpson
Jenny's friend - Tiwa Lade
The voice of Robert Pattinson - Jamie Foulkes

Land Skeins is an artist development programme co-produced by no more superheroes. and Jump Spark, enabling emerging theatre makers to learn new skills in creating audio drama and binaural 3D sound.

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