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no more superheroes.

working declaration of intent.


March 9th 2020

Be hopeful 

Be real

Be grateful 

Be kind

Be better 

Be full of heart

Be vulnerable and flawed 

Embrace mess and flaws


Have fun


We did not just wake up like this. Everything is evolving.

We won't take your time for granted.

No-one who sees our work will sit in the bar afterwards and say “Mmmm”.

When we think of ‘Theatre’ it probably won’t look like that

We don’t want you to think about what it means, but what you’ll do about it.


There’ll be a primary audience for every show, and those people will be at the centre of all decisions about where, when and how the production happens.

But we’ll do everything we can to make sure that there’s something for everyone.


People are always welcome to leave the room, but we’ll do everything we can to make sure they don’t want to.


We are not the reason for making the work.

The process is always in service of the audience.

No pissing about in a room.


It does matter how and why the work is made.

Cultivating a community around the work.

Jan 2020

we want:


to imagine new possibilities in the age of climate collapse:

to move from what is to what if? 

to make work with joy and hope.


to queer our performance:

to be inside, outside and in-between.

abstract. mess, non-linear.


to make art without borders:

to work cross-culturally

and synthesise art forms.

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