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In a cold and concrete warehouse just off the North Circular, Lily and Noah are in the middle of their shift, picking groceries and packing vans. But something feels different today. And what's with the massive turkey that keeps falling off the shelf?

When Lily and Noah find themselves whisked away in the back of the van, they soon discover they're miles from the warehouse, and the city, and home; but closer, perhaps, to understanding what's really important.

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)

Written by Sid Sagar

Directed by Tash Hyman

Sound design and composition by Alice Boyd

Lily - Tiwa Lade

Noah - Sonny Poon Tip

Land Skeins is an artist development programme co-produced by no more superheroes. and Jump Spark, enabling emerging theatre makers to learn new skills in creating audio drama and binaural 3D sound.

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