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It's been raining. For months. And it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon.

Yasmin and Aidan are stuck working in a café that hasn't had any customers in weeks – and their boss is too busy worrying about his flooded basement of electric guitars to bother to tell them what to do.

Yasmin loves sci-fi, reading and keeping the cafe shipshape; Aidan loves the sound of his own voice and not cleaning the coffee machine.

Oh, and Yasmin is secretly recording everything either of them says.

A story of giraffes, Star Trek – and a friendship growing while the world changes.

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language)

Written by Eoin McAndrew
Directed by Fay Lomas,
Sound design and Composition by Lex Kosanke
Aidan - Jamie Foulkes 
Yasmin - Tiwa Lade

Land Skeins is an artist development programme co-produced by no more superheroes. and Jump Spark, enabling emerging theatre makers to learn new skills in creating audio drama and binaural 3D sound.

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