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It’s the night of the Spring Equinox and it’s Celeste's 18th birthday. It’s also her grandad’s birthday, but he’s gone missing in Epping Forest. Trying to track him down, Celeste discovers that March, a childhood friend also born on the same day, might be the only person who can help. 

Celeste and March don’t see eye to eye anymore, but right now they can agree on one thing – this isn’t a normal forest on a normal night. 

(Age recommendation: 15+ : contains strong language) 

Written by Tife Kusoro
Directed by Tash Hyman
Sound design and composition by Lex Kosanke
March - Jadie Hobson
Celeste - Alice Vilanculo 

Land Skeins is an artist development programme co-produced by no more superheroes. and Jump Spark, enabling emerging theatre makers to learn new skills in creating audio drama and binaural 3D sound.

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