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Land Skeins

Four seasons. Four writers. Four immersive audio dramas. 


Land Skeins showcases four magical realist stories, telling tales of encounters between humans and the natural world. Each is inspired by one of the four seasons, exploring the role of nature in shaping our families, friendships and romances. 


These plays offer a new fully immersive listening experience for an audience of 15 years and up. They have been designed and recorded using ground-breaking binaural 3D sound technology, which, when listened to through headphones, will transport the listener right into the very centre of the story. 


Bringing together four writers - Natasha Kaeda, Tife Kusoro, Eoin McAndrew and Sid Sagar - two directors  - Tash Hyman and Fay Lomas - with cutting-edge sound design by Alice Boyd and Lex Kosanke - and created in partnership with National Youth Theatre Rep, each drama can be listened to alone, or as a full 70 minute cycle. 


Combining the creation of these audio dramas with a mentoring scheme, an industry panel event, workshops and showcasing the work of young artists, Land Skeins is a project which creates a bridge between theatre and audio drama, and supports the next generation of actors, writers, sound designers and directors, providing them with skills to create audio content. 


We are very grateful to our mentors: Janina Matthewson and Avin Shah (writer mentors); Arthur Hughes and Danielle Vitalis (actor mentors); Christopher Haydon and Emma Harding (director mentors); and Catherine Robinson (mentor on binaural sound). 

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