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Beneath Our Feet

Six episodes by six writers.


Above: The estate.

Below: Caves, and a thousand stories... Secret passages and doors, a lake, a garden even - according to some.

Tonight: A final underground rave. 

Tomorrow: The demolition of the estate, shutting off the caves forever.

Tommy, Rosa, Finn, Jamal and Haroona make their way to the party of their lives in the world beneath - only to find themselves going deeper than they ever expected.

Beneath Our Feet is a brand new six-part drama about community resistance, myths and vertical cities. It's produced as part of the RESOUND programme - an initiative set up by theatre companies Jump Spark and no more superheroes. to create avenues for theatre artists into audio drama.


This series was developed in partnership with Stockroom, The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (NYT) and audio network Fable and Folly. It was funded by Arts Council England.


Creators were producers/directors Tash Hyman and Fay Lomas, writers Zia Ahmed, Suika Anwar-Khan, Sam Grabiner, Ellie Kendrick, Tiwa Lade and Am Stubberfield, with sound design by Alice Boyd and Munotida Chinyanga and composition by Oliver Vibrans. Lead dramaturg was Janina Matthewson and consultant producer was Ella Watts. Actors included NYT members and NYT Rep alumni: Francesca Amewudah-Rivers, Jetsun Lama, Nkhanise Phiri, Abby Russell, Bhavini Sheth, Ragevan Vasan, with Diveen Henry as Jessi.


You can find us on socials @ResoundAudioUK

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